Série: LIDÉ Z PRAXE. | Délka videa: 01:07:13

Young and talented journalist, travel vlogger and creator of well known „Prague Versus Crooks “ and “The Honest Guide” series. Are you asking what it is? Go and check his youtube channel and you will probably find out, you´ve already seen this guy before traveling to the Czech Republic (Link below). Janek Rubeš is the next guest of Lidé z Praxe, for the first time in English!

Janek says he helps to break down the wall between locals and tourists. After two years full of fighting against dishonest taxi drivers he switched to Prague Guide series, which is „more fun“ as he says. Besides his videos being helpful for the travellers and tourists, they are also entertaining at the same time. Taking a look at his channel you might see many of the most favorite local places around the Czech Republic.


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